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The first of the Zulu series, Zulu The Pupa tells the tale of a young dung beetle who doesn’t believe his purpose is special. Zulu compares himself to the ants, crickets, ladybugs, fireflies, and butterflies believing they are better than him.
This book explores the hungers we all feel. Not only from our bodies, but also from our hearts, minds, and souls.

Come explore the different ways we can "feed" ourselves when we are "hungry".

From beloved children's book author Gentleman Jim, comes this sweet tale of life nourishment.
A fun illustrated children's story of two dogs and their hunt for delicious kibbles. 61 pages ages 5-12. Also available in paperback.
Christmas stockings have always been handled by the candy department, with add-ins from the other departments. It has just become too complex these days.
Santa has just named me, Dink Winkleman, as the elf in charge of the new Christmas Stocking Department.
Part of the year, I'm like a private eye, determining what goes in whose stocking. Then, beginning each Fall, I put the stockings together by coordinating with the other departments.
The Little Ghostly Ghost is a children's book about a little ghost that lives in a old haunted house in a small town in Oklahoma. Kids always dare each other to go up to the old house and touch the door or better yet see who is brave enough to go inside. One night a group of friends all decide to go inside and they discover that there is a little ghost living there that just wants to run and play just like they do. In this printed version you'll get some extra page's featuring the Night Terror Collective crew that's not included in the digital version.
The Moment Silvio Saw Laura He Knew He Would Make Her HIS!
The Moment Laura Saw Silvio She Knew She’d Let Him!
This Dark Mafia Prince Romance follows Laura and Silvio as their wills clash and their hearts entwine.
Silvio is under house arrest after waking up next to a dead woman, shot with his gun, in a hotel he had no memory of.
Laura is fresh out of college, unemployed, and living back home with her dad, when she discovers that her last year of college was paid with a loan of $50,000 from the mob.
WRITE WITH ME (Harmony's ABC Workbook), Is part two of I AM! HARMONY'S ABC'S. In this book Harmony invites all her friends to trace and write the letters of the alphabet. While building their vocabulary. The book concentrate on getting children to Focus, Practice Line Control Handwriting, Saying and spelling sight words, Also recognizing Colors and more. While working on their ABC’S. “Learning is fun with Harmony leading the way”.
The Angel's assignment is to give us a more positive view of physical death and a more engaging, biblical vision of the future in God's eternal heaven.