If you have a high risk pregnancy, you or your baby might be at increased risk of health problems before, during or after delivery. Typically, special monitoring or care throughout pregnancy is needed. You can consult with Dr. Deepti Asthana at Kalsoa Gynae Clinic. She is High Risk Pregnancy Care and Normal Delivery Specialist In Gurgaon, Delhi NCR.


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    Giving birth to your bundle of happiness is the most beautiful experience of life and we make it worth more attention. They were days where mother had to go through painful labor. Today Epidural Analgesia delivers a painless and makes it even more memorable. Compressed, it is only given on demand by the patient. Every effort is given to give a patient to a patient unless it is a threat to the mother or the embryo. In Gurgaon, Pregnancy Doctors In Gurgaon, Brilliance, believe in safe maternity practices and follow all ethics to make the right decision for the delivery of the embryo. Therefore, although vaginal delivery is preferred in every case, if the demand is required, keeping in mind the security of the mother or child, the family should be prepared to agree to LSC. for more information visit - https://www.drdeeptiasthana.com/high-risk-pregnancy.php

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